A Vegas Surprise


You've heard of Las Vegas. The glitz and the glam. The roulette ball spinning, spinning, spinning around the edge (just like the people watching it). Then, with a sudden tap as the ball drops into a square, you hear a roar of cheering and laughter. The plush velvet rope being snapped away as the doorman ushers you into a fabulous dance floor. Yeah, that might be the Vegas you'll know if you're a celebrity or a millionaire. But for us regular folks, the glitter and sparkle are a bit dimmed by cigarette smoke and obscured by block-long line ups for clubs. Not complaining though, Vegas is still an unforgettable experience (if you're of age). And if it wasn't for that special event at Marquee nightclub, we wouldn't have discovered the "gay-friendly" night at the Revolution Lounge in the same hotel.

A lounge in Las Vegas is about the size of a smaller to average club in Vancouver. There's still a decent sized dance floor, a mini stage, and lots of seating and tables to go around. The Revolution Lounge is created by Cirque du Soleil's Beatles Love show and the 60s influence is obvious throughout. There are psychedelic projections on the walls, beaded and mirrored curtains hanging from the ceiling... And yes, there are gogo dancers wearing a union jack tie with not much else.

I thought that they call this night—named Closet Sundays—"gay-friendly" because they don't want to lose potential straight clubbers. Judging by how hard they hustled us in the club, giving us half off cover, and raving about the music. And I'm glad they did. Local DJ Relapse spun familiar, high-energy house music that kept me dancing throughout the night.

You win this round, Vegas!

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