Top 10 Reasons to get your Booty to the Taboo Sex Show this weekend

tabooshowI have been working at the show for the past 3 years and always have a blast with them. The show isn't just about sex toys. It features live entertainment, stunning clothes, deliciously sexy edibles and hot hot people. Here is my Top 10 list of reasons to hit up the Taboo Sex Show.

#1 Oh Sarah Moanies! The divine and delightful, classy and gorgeous Sarah Moanies will be our MC for the weekend. She is the queen of the stage and lights up the room with her sassy wit and playful demeanor. If your'e all about the outfit like I am, youll love her! She dangles between seductive showgirl and ruffled goddess. Check her out on the main stage all weekend long.

#2 Now besides the many many hot things I'd love to put in my mouth over the weekend, the goodies from Luscious Creations are on the top of the list. Besides their custom cake orders they come to Taboo equipped with phallic cupcakes and the tastiest pussy you'll ever eat. My favorite item they sell is their chocolate covered truffle pops. A cakey moist truffle style pecker pop dipped in chocolate. Absolutely amazing!

#3 This year Taboo has finally reached out to all of us who want to honour those incredibly hot boys who make our world a sexier place. The Mr. and Ms. Taboo Competition. While every other year it was only the ladies who graced the stage, this year we get to enjoy the boys! They will be featured in multiple fashion shows in everything from latex to body paint and at the end of the weekend, only one will be crowned Mr. Taboo based on your vocal votes.

#4 She is sweet and kind while having the most fun job on earth...AVN Award Winning Adult Film Star Monique Alexander! Whatever your previous conception of a porn star might be, Monique might just blow that right out of the water. She is so incredibly down to earth and sweet while being sultry and sexy. Take a moment, check her out...she has hot pictures for sale and great vids.

#5 Probably the best bed sheets ever! They are Microfiber and come in a million different colours. (Well, more like 20 colours) Affordable and the perfect item to make your boudoir a sexy haven. I have 2 sets of these already and will be snagging my third set this year. 

#6 The Dungeon! Come kinksters and vanillas alike. Bring your fine self to The Dungeon. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a fresh to the kink world nube, they can offer you a sight for the senses or even a free trial of your first spanking. Don't be afraid to come and check them out. Expect a no pressure area of openness and curiosity for every taste.

#7 Pole Dancing! And I'm not talking no girly flouncing around the bottom of the pole with occassional single legged spins, these 16 girls are the real deal. Watch them battle it out all weekend for the title of Miss Pole Dance Taboo.

#8 You know who I get to see every morning as I stumble into the kitchen in a stupor? A hot pin up girl magnet courtesy of Pin-Up Perfection Photography. The sweet as cherry pie Shimona Henry and her crew love to grace the show with their photgraphic prowess, pin-up wear and goodies.

#9 Our delicious Vancouver Firefighters...Every year they grace the show with their hot bods for a good cause. Fingers crossed they will have their calendars for sale again. All Proceeds go to their charity and you get to have your very own firefighter every month of the year.

#10 Lube!! Everywhere the eye can see, within steps of every booth...Lube! I will be working my buns off at the most fun booth at the show, Fantasy Factory! We have it all, butt plugs, vibrators, lube, lube, lube, cock rings, board games, novelties, dildos, dongs, and everything you can imagine! I love working with these guys because you get to meet some great people and educate the masses on everything from anal sex to pegging!

So, thats my list that keeps me coming back for more every year. Among the million other reasons to spend your evening at a sex show. Hope to see you there, scantily clad and looking for trouble.

Big Busty Hugs and  Bum Squeeze...Your Flame Dame

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