Six DJs. One Night

fivesixtyI've got six words for you: DJs Adam Dreaddy, G-Luve, Jay Douglas, Jeffery Michael, Nick Bertossi, and Quest. Alright, that was more like 15 words... But imagine the awesomeness that ensues when those six DJs are all spinning under the same roof. Are you imagining? Seriously, close your eyes and do it. Good. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it happened. You missed out. 560's A Family Affair was a rare and beautiful night that brought these talents together.

The winds are changing over at 560. And so far, it seems like everything is headed in the right direction. I definitely felt the energy in the air. Even with a club of 560's magnitude, there was a sense of community. Of course, with a DJ lineup like that, there's bound to be supporters and friends that come in droves. Who said that was a bad thing?

I've always enjoyed Saturday nights at 560. When I've had my fill of house music from the main room, I migrate to the disco dungeon for a different flavour. I've always found good 80s music or even old school hip hop down there. Good for the soul. Anytime you have that many DJs in more than one room, you can definitely get antsy and indecisive on where to park your butt and dance. But that's a small flaw in an otherwise impressive night.

Last Saturday marked a special event which was supposedly expanding the 560 family. I've heard word that Saturdays are going to get even better. As much as I love Saturdays there, I have felt that the night lacks identity. In fact, I don't even think there's an official name. Is this a sign of things to come? I definitely hope to see those faces again. Only time will tell. Here's hoping that this was the appetizer to a seriously delicious main course.

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