A New Year's Eve for the Books


Mirror balls, endless showers of glitter and confetti, sexy dancers... These all come standard when it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations. Every year, clubs try to outdo each other to be the craziest event in the city (one even had an indoor fireworks display). This year though, I ended up at party with more nostalgia than the typical glitz and glam. Pages from my favourite fairy tales were brought to life. The Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan were there, just to name a few. They were pretty much how I'd envision them, except Peter Pan was cuter this time around. And Tinkerbell was too gorgeous.

Celebrities had one of the better concepts out there for their New Year's Eve celebration. I admit, I wasn't completely sold on the fairy tale theme when I first heard of it, thinking it was a bit too childish and corny for a NYE party. Once inside though, it was a different story. The decorations weren't as elaborate and crazy as they have been with their past events (like their Candyland Pride night), but this actually worked to the night's advantage as we weren't bombarded with overly cutesy decor. Personal favourite? Definitely the giant dragon head suspended above the DJ booth. Who doesn't like dragons staring at you ominously while you dance? We all love to live on the edge.

The fairy tale theme extended to the night's dance performances as well. It wouldn't be a fairy tale without queens, and we got not one, but two! There were memorable numbers from the draglicious Raye Sunshine and the dragtastic Syren, as Snow White and the Evil Queen, respectively. Both knew how to make entrances and the dancing was on point. Of course, the House of Celebs did their thing as well, a Peter Pan piece—complete with Wendy, Tiger Lily and even Rufio—that made me feel like a kid again. Even some of the staff got into the spirit! Jiminy Cricket, was that you?

Of course, a night like that would not be complete without crowd-pleasing music. Fortunately, resident DJs Drew, Matilda Ho and Zach Shore were there in full force and made sure no one on the dance floor left disappointed. They didn't wander off familiar territory, sticking with tried and true dance hits we all know and love, but they still kept it fresh with a slew of remixes.

While it wasn't the glam New Year's Eve party I'm accustomed to, Celebrities still hit all the right notes. In fact, they hit better notes. The decor, the performances and the costumes were nothing short of fantastic. Plus they get the night's best event poster award from me. Bonus points for the delicious complimentary chocolate-dipped strawberries and the NYE staple... Champagne! Here's to this year giving us a fairy tale ending. Judging by how the crowd was during the midnight countdown, everyone's 2012 started not with a whisper, but with a scream. And kisses. Lots of kisses.

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