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gayfridaysBelieve it or not, most of my Fridays are pretty chill. I go out for a bite to eat, catch a movie, or just hang out with friends in general. Fridays are really more of a way to unwind and relax after the work week. Obviously, there are exceptions... Usually last minute decisions to get out there and dance instead of just having some drinks and lounging around. Don't you dare run and grab your heels though, girls. I'm going to urge you to opt for your flats instead. Or better yet, kicks. It's casual Friday after all, bitches.

On this particular Friday, the Vers team finally had a dinner and drink night. Our numbers did dwindle throughout the night, but three of us remained, and we were determined to go dancing. At about 11:30, Omar, Viktor and I, already a couple of drinks down the hatch (more for me), set out on a glorious journey. Destination: Oasis, right on Thurlow and Davie (just above the Denny's). Welcome to Gay Friday!

What Oasis lacks in sophisticated club lighting and décor, it makes up for in character. Oh, and the fact that cover is just $3 on Fridays and the drink specials! I have to say, this cheap-cover-drinks combo is quite common with gay nights and I'm a huge fan... but I digress. There's nothing particularly fancy about the Oasis, but therein lies its welcoming charm. It's cozy and familiar, never mind the facts that it's dark, it's packed and you're rubbing against everyone. Even the layout is simple. You walk up the stairs to a rectangular room, on the left half is the lounge area, and the dance floor is on the opposite side. Just the right size to make it comfortable, but it does get a little crowded and sweaty on those wildly busy nights. Thank god for all those windows.

I'm not sure if the people around me were unusually loud, but the music seemed a little on the quiet side that night. This was a shame, because Gay Fridays are home to the adorable DJs Zach Shore and the gorgeous Nick Bertossi. To be honest, I felt a little bit of trepidation because it was a Top 40/remixes night. My fear was definitely unwarranted though, because all three of us pretty much dancing the whole time. I never felt bored with the music. There was definite texture to what was being played. Ladies and gentlemen, that is when you know you have excellent DJs.

So if you're feeling particularly antsy on a Friday night, but don't want to spend nine hours getting ready to go to one of the big clubs, know that you have options. Gay Friday at Oasis is the quick and easy solution to add some fun and excitement to your lacklustre Friday. And who doesn't like quick and easy?

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