Cure the Monday Blues

mondayFeeling mildly depressed? Finding it hard to focus? Are your muscles sore or achy? Plus you've got that pounding headache? If you've answered with a resounding, "Yes," then you've definitely got the Monday Blues. Well, you're also really hungover. Never fear, there's an effective remedy and it's cheap. Three dollars cheap. That's three dollars for cover and three dollars for highballs. The name? Industry Night at The Junction! And yes, "Industry" meaning those lucky industry people get in for free.

The building housing The Junction has an interesting history. I remember it being a Fresgo restaurant about a decade ago. When they closed down, it turned into The Majestic nightclub. But then, The Majestic was dethroned and the venue was then named Pulse Nightclub. Unfortunately, Pulse flatlined and couldn't be resuscitated. My best guess... It's a difficult location. It was most likely a challenge to lure clientele when several other established gay bars are within walking distance. Maybe it was something going on internally. This time around, however, is different. The Junction hit the right notes and from what I could see the times I've been there, it's going strong.

The music is on point Monday nights. I was introduced to DJ Drew and DJ G-Luve and there was instant chemistry there. Remixed dance hits from the 80s, the 90s, the 2000s and from today are all on the playlist. You'd be hard pressed to find another club playing better music on a Monday night. Both DJs are terrific on decks and I never found myself wanting to take a break and sit down because the other DJ came on. You will want to dance, even on a Monday night. Trust me; every night a club serves cheap liquor, the dance floor is always packed.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: cheap liquor can totally get a night going. I did have my doubts about how fun or how busy a Monday night at a club would be, but when I got there at around 11:30, the place was already pretty damn packed. And The Junction is a fairly large club. It has a spacious dance floor, and the requisite stage. You know I have to be there. Apparently, everyone else was prescribed the same Monday night remedy.

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