A Night to (Mostly) Remember


My ears are still ringing. I still feel the griminess of the dance floor on my skin. Don't worry, I'm going to hop in the shower after this.

It all started with a watermelon mojito at Goldfish restaurant. Excellent way to start the night! We had a fairly large party of eighteen and we were all enjoying the mouth-watering seafood. But, I digress. This isn't the right section for a restaurant review, so let's get to the good stuff.

Two watermelon mojitos, a red dragon shot and a shot of Patron later, and we decided to make our way to the club.

Enter Five Sixty. For the last three birthdays I've been going to Celebrities. I thought it was the only gay club with good house music and a decently sized dance floor. Since Five Sixty opened, there has been an enormous space. With 28,000 square feet, this venue houses a lounge, an art gallery, a bar/main dance floor, and a basement with a unisex bathroom, another bar and dance floor. Everything and the kitchen sink. Five Sixty is hands down, the most spacious night club in Vancouver.

I've already been to Five Sixty quite a few times, actually. Practically every Saturday at one point... did I mention there's a sizeable stage? Of course, there is hopping dance music to keep bodies moving. Tonight was part of their Summer's Eve Saturdays, which featured a guest DJ. One of my favourite DJs, and one of the best house DJs in Vancouver, Adam Dreaddy warmed up the crowd and dared you to dance with his infectious beats. Nicest guy, too. Next up, the evening's special guest, DJ Marc Tattoo took the helm. With his Euro-influenced, high energy house music there wasn't a single soul standing in the place. I had my vodka orange in hand and I have to tell you, it takes talent to dance that hard without spilling a single drop.

Several hi-balls and one or two shots later, we're dancing away and just like that, the lights come on already. Time really does fly when you're having a good time, and slightly inebriated. It's always a good time at Five Sixty. Thank you for giving me one hell of a birthday celebration. Now... Water!

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