fivesixtyI've got six words for you: DJs Adam Dreaddy, G-Luve, Jay Douglas, Jeffery Michael, Nick Bertossi, and Quest. Alright, that was more like 15 words... But imagine the awesomeness that ensues when those six DJs are all spinning under the same roof. Are you imagining?


Mirror balls, endless showers of glitter and confetti, sexy dancers... These all come standard when it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations.

gayfridayteaserThere's nothing particularly fancy about the Oasis, but therein lies its welcoming charm. What Oasis lacks in sophisticated club lighting and décor, it makes up for in character.


Feeling mildly depressed? Finding it hard to focus? Plus you've got that pounding headache? If you've answered with a resounding, "Yes," then you've definitely got the Monday Blues.


Celebrities and I have had a fairly long relationship. I hit 19 just as the bar re-opened after shutting down and renovating for four years.


I've already been to Five Sixty quite a few times. Did I mention there's a sizeable stage? Of course, there is hopping dance music to keep bodies moving.

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