Hello Dolly

Dolly_Final_Poster8:00 pm and The Massey Theater is brimming with excitement for the latest production of Hello Dolly and as the ding of the bell goes we gather and take our seats. I had some concerns regarding the size of the Massey stage for such an exuberant theatrical endeavour in which I was accurate. The stage was far too small to encompass the dance sequences combined with billowing costumes, stage props and décor. 

Eventhough Valerie Easton, the director/choreographer and artistic director, had limited space to work with she did an amazing job with the space she had. The wall surrounding the orchestra was used wisely to help expand the stage area - good call on Easton's part. 

The cast included two veterans of the stage, Colleen Winton and David Adams. Although I found certain scenes to be slightly rushed I was still quite happy with the performance of the duo. I must say that the stage presence held by either of the two was confounding and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Winton had a voice to be reckoned with and I must say Bravo! She was coy, a little devilish and sounded as if she could stop bitchy little queens in their tracks if she wanted an attribute to be admired. She was all in all a perfect Dolly. Adams on the other side exploded with authority and his voice shook the seats. I absolutely loved when he entered the stage area. Leather daddies beware. Oh, and he's a great singer too.

Overall I was happy with the production. Actors seemed comfortable with each other and nothing seemed to be forced. Chemistry was bountiful and I was pleased to experience it. The music was perfect and I absolutely loved "Put on Your Sunday Clothes," which those of you with kids may remember from Wall-E, it put a broad smile on my face (I'm humming the tune as I write this). If you have the means to travel into New Westminster I encourage you to see the play.

Until next time, au revoir.

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