White hot for Betty!

betty-whiteWhen you gays, think of the number 90, what comes to mind for you? For me, instantly I think of Betty White. Betty may be 90 years old now, but there's no slowing her down. She is not only as adorable, hilarious and kind hearted as ever, but the woman still is starring in two of her own sitcom/comedy shows currently running!

When I was a young pup I was introduced to the show Golden Girls in my family home. It was a staple in our household, I watched it whenever I could. Who would have known that the characters in it, especially Rose Nylund, would come to shape parts of my life and have a hand in who I'd become today.

Could you believe the biggest surprise of my life was when I found out that Betty was coming to VANCOUVER!!!! Instantly I was all over trying to get the best tickets I could find, there was no way this girl was going to miss seeing her heroine in person. It was this little (not so little anymore) golden girl's dream come true!!

February 18th, 2012 - finally after months of anticipation the day had arrived. I'd never been so excited in my life. Waiting outside the doors to the 'Centre for Performing Arts'' orchestra seating, I thought I was going to pass out from utter elation, because just on the other side of that door awaited the hugest once in a lifetime opportunity that has ever presented itself to me.

The doors finally open! We find our seats. The lights dim. Randene Neil from Global TV walks on stage with one of her co-anchors on the news. The format begins with a lovely credits video of various photos of Betty throughout the many years.

AND THEN!!!! Out came Betty, the crowd of about 1800 were all on their feet giving her a standing ovation, which for her accomplishments over 90 years, is beyond deserved. She is sweet and humble. Her shy cute laugh, thanking everyone and blowing kisses. She takes her place on set in the little living room created onstage.

The Global TV ladies jump right to the interview questions, asking Betty about growing up as a child with her parents, roles she played in various shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, playing the role of Sue Ann Nivens aka per Betty as the "neighborhood nympho". Then there was Golden Girls, where she played the preciously naïve Rose Nylund. And now onto Hot in Cleveland in where she currently plays Elka, a sassy mouthed, basement pot growing, jewel hoarding, mobster's ex wife.

The discussion took a new direction, then talking about Betty's amazing work with animal rescue foundations, mostly wildlife needing help. She also went on to mention that in her 80's she became honored as a certified Forest Ranger!! Stating that it reminded her of her father when she was presented the official ranger hat, which was similar to the one he would wear.

And then of course the questions about Facebook, and the amazing SNL episode she starred in. She was hilarious when talking about the radio skit about her Mrs. Dusty, and her delicious crusty muffins- it was one of the highlight skits alongside Molly Shannon from that episode. She says since she's never been able to eat a muffin!

She answered some audience questions, before moving onto a live game of Password. If anyone doesn't know how that game goes, then I suggest you go try it out. Its funny as hell. And playing it with the Password queen Betty Freakin White, you better believe it was hysterical.

This moment was special for Betty as the set of Password is where she met her beloved husband Allen Ludden in 1961. She started remembering and telling anecdotes of how he proposed to her and she kept on saying no, "but how many times can you say no to someone you love that much" as Betty put it.

The evening ended with a surprise for Betty. On behalf of the Comedy Fest, she was presented a check for $25,000 towards her wildlife animal foundation that she has worked with for the past 41 years!!!!

And then the best for last... The absolute perfect way to send off the end of an evening with the humblest, most warm hearted, and only remaining true Golden Girl – was to sing, the entire crowd joining in alongside Betty in the theme song "Thank You For Being A Friend". It was perfection.

I feel amazingly honored to have been in her presence, she may be the only person who at her age of 90 years old, can kick some ass, own a room, and show more gratitude than anything I've ever seen before.

Betty White, we love you, and we thank you for all of the years YOU have been like a friend and confidant to us.

Click here to watch some White hot Betty beats in this video "I'm Still Hot".

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