hellodo8:00 pm and The Massey Theater is brimming with excitement for the latest production of Hello Dolly, as the ding of the bell goes we gather and take our seats. I had some concerns regarding the size of the Massey stage for such an exuberant theatrical endeavour in which I was accurate.


I am a man that loves all sorts of musical genres and I will be quite honest, folk music is not always up my alley. When my girl Daphne offered up a chance to see the Be Good Tanyas live at the Vogue Theater I figured it was better that spending the night at home. I had no idea what I was going to or what genre of music it was. After youtubing a few videos I was a bit sceptical as to whether or not I would enjoy more that my company that evening. I must learn not to be so pessimistic.

iloveyoubecauseI was lucky to have seen "Bye Bye Birdie" last summer at theater under the stars; I loved the choreography, the acting, and especially the directing. When I learned that Shel Piercy directed this modern day musical love story (the tagline) I eagerly awaited the dimming lights.

betty-whiteWhen you gays, think of the number 90, what comes to mind for you? For me, instantly I think of Betty White. Betty may be 90 years old now, but there's no slowing her down. She is not only as adorable, hilarious and kind hearted as ever, but the woman still is starring in two of her own sitcom/comedy shows currently running!

verslaunchintroSeptember 4th 2011 marked the live launch of VERS Magazine online at versmagazine.com. The VERS Team worked extensively to bring a sleek, chic online magazine to the Canadian gay community. Providing a multitude of columns including lifestyle, entertainment, food, health, fashion and queer support, we are confident our magazine is always going to bring you the current what's what on the West Coast. We hope this year we will be able to expand our agendas to cover other major cities in Canada too!!!


If holiday music hasn't turned you into a Grinch, you continue to repress Scrooge, and chestnuts sold in downtown Vancouver makes you think of other holiday balls, VERS magazine will help put you in the holiday spirit.

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