Buffet...the word that sometimes means quantity not quality. It can sometimes result in full tummies at bargain basement prices. But there are circumstances where a buffet can be an ideal situation for the indecisive foodie. So for you my friends I would like to share my Indian buffet of choice.


Herbs, fresh vegetables, earthy flavors, rich cheeses, and marinated meats all create the ideal Greek feast. Only the Greeks would ingeniously combine a hearty sheep cheese with a shot of Ouzo liquor and light it on fire to create a simply amazing appetizer. Flaming cheese served on pitas, what more could you ask for.


Few things are as valued by the light lunch seeker as a affordable but delectable sandwich. We could turn to the fast food style sandwich places but I find that they often disappoint with over processed meats and cheeses.


Yet another restaurant that has made my life so much better since my move from Alberta is De Dutch. Only available in British Columbia, this European inspired breakfast nook is exactly that, a strictly breakfast styled restaurant.


I have discovered by far the best of these sushi accoutrements can be found at the delightful Suki Sushi. Our most recent visit being probably my tenth or so.


I highly advise starting your meal with a flavorful cocktail made with fresh fruit and an order of the cod bites. The cod has been battered lightly and flash fried so they are super crispy without being oily at all.

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