Fresh, Local, Wild, and bloody delicious!


In my meandering adventures through downtown Vancouver I have run into the Fresh Local Wild food cart on several occasions. I'm always in a hurry, have missed them, or they are already closed for the day. After seeing their teaser on Diners, Drive In's, and Dives, I was in trouble. Like all of you I started to develop a twitch and serious craving for some Seafood Chowder poutine among other delicacies. Well today my friends! I was there in time to snag a Chicken Fried Oyster 'Po-Boy', but alas the poutine was sold out. (Take note : This stuff is so good they sell right out of it) So in the name of good research, I will have to hit them up again just for the poutine. Multiple times apparently, because I am a mushroom FANATIC and these guys have a Chanterelle Mushroom Poutine too.

Now if you're reading this post and thinking, "ew, Oysters!". Please put aside all of your negative memories brought on by previous oyster pitfalls. These are not the "salad bar in vegas" oysters, nor the "left out too long and have just sent your digestive tract to a very bad place" oysters. These are the oysters to be put on a pedestal of how to cook an oyster. Think fresh fresh fresh, just hauled out of the water for your culinary enjoyment.

My Sandwich arrived with a HEAPING mountain of fresh cut, flash fried, crispy as hell fries. The only thing missing was the chowda! Even without being doused in vinegar, salt or ketchup, these fries were pretty phenomenal. Super fresh and skin on.

My Po-Boy was a sight to behold. Oozing with fresh made tartar sauce that topped the Sawmill Bay Jumbo Oyster. Now I will admit, that like many people, I haven't had a great relationship with oysters. But this sandwich is a game changer. Battered on the outside leaving the edges crispy and delicious while leaving the inside moist and fresh. There is no unpleasant fishy taste, just simply the delightful Oyster flavor combined with the snappy tartar sauce and fresh lettuce. The oyster manages to contain its moisture while the edges (my favorite part) were crispy, like oyster calamari if you will.

Now completely aside from the food offered up by Chef Josh Wolfe, Fresh Local Wild stands apart from many of the food carts of our fine city. Their cart is a one of a kind. Custom designed to offer their clientele a shelter from our rain forest weather. A covered table and benches that could easily seat 4-6 people cozy and warm with a view of the kitchen.They also use a completely unique source of power. Their description pulled straight off their website says it best...

"Mobile power generation is never easy but it can be Green. Fresh Local Wild has accomplished an industry first by creating a power system that runs off 100% VEG oil. This means that when we have used the oil in the deep fryers to it's capacity we can pour it straight into the tank and fuel our generator. That's why we say 'Powered by Fish N' Chips"! An onboard intake and custom filtering system allow us to use oil from any fryer, anywhere!

So really, the brilliant design of their cart keeps the hippies happy while the unique menu appeals to the gourmet foodies of our fine city. What a perfect balance for Vancouver.

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