Moderne Burger offers their take on burger haven


I present to you, Moderne Burger. In a quaint strip of Broadway in Kitsilano, Moderne Burger has been making their burgers, fries, and milkshakes from scratch for years and they are a Vancouver culinary staple. Their simplistic approach brings forth the true meaning of a great burger. Simple hand made steak burgers made fresh daily. No preservatives to be found, no fillers to bulk it up, and no seasoning to distract from what the best burger stands for. They have branched out from beef to also offer a ground turkey, veggie, or wild salmon filet option as well. 

A towering plate of fresh hand cut fries and our piping hot burgers are brought out to us looking devilishly good. The owner takes a moment to explain a tried and true technique for getting the most of your burger including handling instructions and an excellent tip to create a raft of fries below your burger on the plate. Resting your dripping burger on the fries allows the beefy drippings to fall between them and keep your burger bun crisp and dry. Your reward is beef basted fries that soak up the juice and flavor of your burger. The toppings are custom selected by you, mine was a bacon, cheddar, mushroom burger and it was loaded and amazing. The fries take me right back to growing up, when my dad would use an old tool that looked like a potato masher on its side and would slide the fresh garden potatoes into neat fries for frying. The only thing that could make my fry experience substantially better would be gravy. A homemade rich beefy gravy that would compliment the fries.

Aside from the 50's diner decor and quaint airy atmosphere, there is one thing that makes a lunch or dinner here so worth it. CHOCOLATE CHERRY MILKSHAKE...amazing! Probably the best milkshake I have had in this city thus far. Exploding with flavor and a rich and creamy companion to my burger and fries. The perfect dessert style beverage to top this meal.

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