Rainy Day Cure for Vancouverites

rainydayAffordable and delicious, Kanata offers lunch combo's with both full and half servings of sandwiches combined with soup for under $10.00 Their choice in ingredients is their first priority. Local, fresh, and just like mom makes. Their clam chowder is filled with fresh potatoes, onions, and tender clams. The tables are covered with vintage can labels from everything from peas to locally canned clams. They are also equipped with Sea Salt and Malabar black pepper.

If you're going to go pro on quality soups and chowders, then chances are your sandwiches aren't far behind. Yet again Kanata stands out. After choosing the contents of your sandwich, you are offered a choice of multiples breads, from rye to squirrelly. Toasted or not, your sandwich will be brought to your table with fresh pickles, veggies, and fruit. I went with the Montreal smoked meat on rye bread. The generous portion of warm meat and Dijon mustard worked divinely together and were large enough that half my sandwich made a perfect midnight snack.

Resting on the front counter of Kanata is a tray filled with samples of their lemon squares and brownies. They definitely know how to tempt you with a sweet goodie to finish off your meal.

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