Gluten Free Goodies in Mount Pleasant


Who doesn't love a bakery...They're warm and inviting and they smell like mom's kitchen. No other place gives me better feel good vibes than a beautiful bakery. The newest addition to my Mount Pleasant neighborhood is My Goodness! Gluten & Wheat free Kitchen.

When I walked into the bakery with it's bright orange walls and cheery atmosphere, I am greeted by it's owner Arlene. Her display case is filled with coffee cakes,cookies, biscotti and chocolate cupcakes with bright blue icing. I am immediately drawn to the beautiful cake rack by the till. On the top is fresh fragrant cornbread beaming with color. But what lie's beneath is too irresistible to pass up...fresh carrot cake with a thick layer of white icing. I order a slice and decide to adopt the single lonely chocolate cupcake.

Now although I do not have any dietary restrictions, I love to give them a try to see if I can tell the difference. Have you ever been offered a gluten free goodie and it was flavorless and most definitely lacking something. That is not the case at My Goodness! The carrot cake is moist and has the perfect texture. An excellent blend of the spice in the cake and the sweetness of the icing. But most of all it is so so moist. The chocolate cupcake has great flavor and rivals the best cupcake stores in town. The most impressive thing about both of these goodies is the fact that I honestly couldn't tell they were gluten free. They were wonderful and I can't wait to try my next goodies from My Goodness!

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