Aura - West Coast charm defined

auraOn a recent adventure in Victoria, I spent the night at the Inn at Laurel Point in downtown. Overlooking the harbor and surrounded by walking trails, the inn boasts one of the finest dining experiences in Victoria. Aura waterfront restaurant and patio.Wide bright windows with the most amazing view paired with delicious Pacific Rim inspired eats is the ideal fit for this hotel.Definitely not meant to be the main attraction of Aura, but a stand-out regardless is their Herb and Cheese scones brought to the table while waiting for your food. These could easily be on my lunch menu for every soup I ever consume and I would be blissed out. They are loaded with flavor and leave you wishing there was more than 2 on the plate for you.

Their lunch menu featured a Beef Strip Loin Steak Sandwich. Served on a Inn-baked french baguette with a mushroom stroganoff topping. I was hooked as soon as they added mushrooms on top. The steak is cooked to your liking and is brought to you cooked to perfection. The wild mushroom topping gives a warm earthy punch to the sandwich and is a creamy finish to your steak.

Looking for a well prepared lunch in a great setting with probably one of the best views of the city? Aura is a great option. Their name obviously chosen to evoke an image of sophistication and class blended with west coast style, fits their food and atmosphere to a tee. Will definitely be returning there again, although next time I will have to try their "The Best Burger". It boasts rave reviews and is the talk of the menu.


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