Kefi Greek Kouzina does it right!

KefiGreekMy adventures in dining out led me to Kefi Greek Kouzina, an open romantic dining room large enough for family dinners yet intimate and cozy for a private dinner for two. After multiple recommendations to try their fare, I dove in for what I expected would be a classic Greek feast.

We began by ordering the Small Tour of Greece appetizer. A platter filled with homous, tzatziki, calamaria, keftedes, dolmades, spanakopita, and feta. Meant for 2-4 people and is the ideal sampler of Greek appetizers. Every item was cooked to perfection, moist and flavorful. The tzatziki was the best I have ever had and gave a cool kiss to every item dipped in it.

My indecisive nature came perfectly into play when ordering. I couldn't help but order the souvlaki. But still, which kind...beef, chicken, or lamb? Kefi plans for individuals like me who just can't choose one kind. They offer a Mixed Souvlaki with a sampling of all three. They are lovingly marinated and grilled with garlic, lemon, and oregano. Keeping it simple but spectacular. Served with a chunky and fresh Greek salad (done properly with no lettuce). Lemon roasted potatoes, spinach and tomato rice, tzatziki, and whole wheat pita bread finish off my dinner spread. All made in house and filled with flavor. Unfortunately, Kefi has ruined me for Greek food. Eating anything less than what I enjoyed with them (which has happened a lot since then), just leaves me longing for another visit. Luckily, My partner in crime feels the same way, so another visit soon will definitely be in order. My only regret is that I was way too full to try their desserts, which are no doubt made  Oma in their kitchen. Yet another reason to find my way there soon.

Overall my experience with Kefi was one that needs to be experienced by anyone who has ever been let down by Greek cuisine. They will change your mind and have you craving it like I now am. Another great find in Coquitlam.

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