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Few things are as valued by the light lunch seeker as a affordable but delectable sandwich. We could turn to the fast food style sandwich places but I find that they often disappoint with over processed meats and cheeses. On one of my many downtown wanders I found Tartine on Beach Avenue. A cozy little spot offering super fresh bread and sandwiches for the lunchtime nosher.

I am a total sucker for a good bakery. The aroma as you walk by, teasing you to come in and partake in home baked goodness. Baking bread from scratch is a true art form, one I hope to master someday. But until then, I have places like Tartine where you can purchase breads and pies baked by hand and exquisite in detail and flavor.

My lunch choice was the Roast Turkey sandwich. Not processed...the real bird! Loaded with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and a perfect cranberry mayo. All stuffed in between their fresh baked multigrain bread. I know it might seem like a simple concept of putting cranberries with turkey, but mashing them into the may is bloody genius.

Being as Tartine is renowned for their baking, I felt it was necessary to try one of their squares. My cherry cobbler square was divine and loaded with butter. Nice finish to a fresh sandwich. I have always believed that if a restaurant can excel at the simple things then they have it made. Something as classic as a good sandwich can and is messed up by places who skimp on the details. Support those places who take the details to heart and you will support a changing face of the traditional sandwich shop.

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