In my meandering adventures through downtown Vancouver I have run into the Fresh Local Wild food cart on several occasions. Now completely aside from the food offered up by Chef Josh Wolfe, Fresh Local Wild stands apart from many of the food carts of our fine city.


What are the key elements to an ideal hamburger experience? The simple burger has been revamped and rehashed so many times that the varieties of toppings and accouterments are endless.

frenchToday I decided to treat myself to lunch at a very cozy little french cafe in the heart of downtown Vancouver. So with umbrella in hand I wander down to the corner of West Pender and Howe to the warm open windows of Finch's Tea & Coffee House.

rainydayLiving in a place like Vancouver, rain and cloud are all part of the package. We have to have that rain so that our gorgeous city can stay green all year round. I have personally chosen to deal with this gloomy weather by feeding my umbrella addiction and finding the best comfort food for days.

mountpleasantWho doesn't love a bakery... They're warm and inviting and they smell like mom's kitchen. No other place gives me better feel good vibes than a beautiful bakery. The newest addition to my Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

aura Looking for a well prepared lunch in a great setting with probably one of the best views of the city Victoria, BC?Overlooking the harbor and surrounded by walking trails, the inn boasts one of the finest dining experiences.

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