When passion calls you to the water - Part 2

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When passion calls you to the water
Part 2
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"Having a sense of community, a shared community is important to people at any level, in rowing there is a fair amount of tolerance but less acceptance," continued Todd in a perceptive take on other people's attitude towards gays and lesbians. "Being able to relax and share a commonality, be it desire, problems, issues and news without a moment's hesitation of being judged is the biggest reason why gay and lesbian people enjoy rowing together."

Todd had tears in his eyes and a surprised reaction at 2009's Copenhagen Outgames after seeing the Women's Space. The space was made available for female athletes from around the world to gather and meet one another. "You would not believe how much (these) women hungered for their own area," he added.

Homoerotic or sex-related words,
phrases in rowing
Sourcse: Member's rowing forum,
realjock.com; Wikipedia

Bury the blade
Cox or coxless
Cox box
Crab or catch a crab
Firm up
Hands in and hands on
Hard finishes
Hold it hard
Inside grip
Inside hand
Lay hold
Stroke or stroke rate
Waist, ready, up

Todd was polite in addressing why there wasn't rowing at the 2011 North America Outgames. He said it was partly due to "politics". According to the Boston Bee, a community news page on GLRF's website, there was a two-day regatta preceding the July 24 to 31

Outgames in the Deas/Delta area, south of Vancouver. While it was not a gay and lesbian regatta, "Canadians have traditionally been very supportive of gay and lesbian sports affiliations" said the article. GLRF encouraged gay and lesbian rowers to participate. It's unknown if any competed.

"I think Pacific Northwest people tend to not see the need for gay rowing events or a gay rowing community since they tend to be more openly accepted in their current clubs, " said Todd.

In other parts of the world there are gay rowing regattas. Like the Stonewall Regatta, now in its 18th year and sponsored by the oldest gay and lesbian rowing club, DC Strokes Rowing Club of Washington, D.C., which is 20 years old; the 2011 Miami Rowing Festival last February where GLRF was a co-sponsor with the Miami Beach Rowing Club; and Tournoi de Paris Regate in France last May.

Writer Scott Larsen is hoping to 'hit-the-water' this month at one of the area's rowing clubs. He is still on the lookout for another gay rower for a two-man shell.

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