A Rose by any other name...From Fluffy to Horacio


So you've decided to take the plunge? You have done your research and prepped your house. It is time to accept that furry bundle into your life. Pets can drastically improve your living circumstances if brought into a place where they are welcome and completely prepared for. The most important thing to know is that a new pet may bring a lot of joy and love into your family, but they also require money, responsibility, and time. If you don't have these things, then you might want to wait until you do. Over the next month I will be bringing you weekly segments on everything you need to know about bringing a new pet into your life. From " To Vaccinate or not Vaccinate" to "Pet Food - Kibble or Raw"

Remember the good old days where a dog was named Spot and a kitty named Fluffy? Things were simpler then. Now a days our pets often have longer and more elaborate names than we do. Their names can often signify a title such as Princess Alabama or King Tut. While we still have our very common names such as the black cats named Midnight or the Collie's named Lassie, our taste in pets names have evolved. I firmly believe that choosing a pets name is not only a reflection of the personality or appearance of the actual pet, but it is a great reflection of the pet parents as well. Taking a part of your personality or life and including your pet into it. Best to remember that you will be engraving this name on tags and yelling it across dog parks for the next 20 years. So choosing some discretion in a pets name might be better for you and your family.

Lets start with my favorite source for pets names...Movies and Television! Just think of the inspiration you have from your favorite and most influential movie icons. From the classic childhood movie "Milo and Otis", I pulled the name Milo for my first blue tabby. My cat Spartacus did not receive his regal title from the movie by the same name but rather from David Spade's character on the 90's sitcom "Just Shoot Me". Once you find that name that strikes you, you'll know it. Using physical characteristics or color of your pet can also play into their movie star role. A sleek panther-looking feline might be named Bagheera or a rough and tumble male named Pachino. The possibilities are endless. Think of your favorite movies and television shows and the characters who stuck with you.

Next I always love to turn to Medieval, Shakespearean, Astrological, and Gods or Goddesses. My Snowshoe Siamese kitty Bastette is inspired by the goddess of Egyptian origin. Egyptian, Greek, and Mayan gods and goddesses; just to name a few, have remarkable names. The power and influence felt by these names is one that fits many pet personalities to a tea. The same can be said for names pulled from Shakespeare's plays. Two inseparable pups may be named Romeo and Juliet, or perhaps a regal cat would fit well as Macbeth. I have always been drawn to names by Shakespeare such as Viola or Tybalt. Medieval influence can be felt with names such as Merlin or Gwenevire. Historical figures can also be very cleaver such as Napoleon.

Another great source of creative names are semi precious gemstones and metals such as Coral, Citrine, or Topaz. Even elements can make great names. If all else fails, check out baby name books and websites and scope out the most fitting name for your new "fur child". So whether you end up with Lord Alfred the Rottweiler or Sissy Spacek the Siamese, have fun with the names you choose.

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