Top 10 ingredients you DON'T want in your pets food or treats.


1.) BHA and BHT - these chemical preservatives have known cancer-causing qualities and yet you can still find them in many dry cereals and kibble. They are highly carcinogenic and should be avoided at all costs.

2.) By-Products or By-Product meal - Of any kind. Often listed as chicken by-products, beef by-products, or Animal By-Product meal. These are simply non edible animal parts such as ground up carcasses, feathers, feces, fur, hooves, dieased tissue, and tumors. They hold little nutritional value and are added to foods as a cheap way to boost protein readings on the labels. This is probably the number one way to tell if a food or treat is bad for your pet.

3.) Ethoxyquin - A very carcinogenic preservative. It has stopped being used except in very cheap low quality foods and treats.

4.) Propylene Glycol - Used as a preservative with potential carcinogenic qualities. Used to sweeten and is often found in soft treats or foods. It is also used in ANTIFREEZE! Some food for thought, steer clear of this one.

5.) Soy - In any form. Although soy can be an excellent source of protein for humans, animals lack the digestive enzymes to break it down in their systems. Instead it will simply fester and cause excessive gas and digestive upset. Some low quality foods will even claim that they are "enriched with soy". Don't buy it, it is preying on the fad that soy has created in human foods.

6.) Artificial Colors - If the food or treats you buy your pet are as bright as the rainbow, then you can assume they contain artificial dyes. Usually listed as Red 2, Yellow 6, Red 40, Blue 40, etc. These are chemicals and have been found to be carcinogenic.

7.) Artificial Flavors - Carcinogenic chemicals that are very easy to spot. Listed as chicken flavor, beef flavor, or otherwise. If the item you are feeding your pet is meant to taste like beef or chicken, it will contain beef or chicken, simple.

8.) Onions - Although giving vegetables to your dog can be very a very beneficial source of fibre. Onions can be toxic. The same applies to onion extract or onion powder. Studies have shown that onion exposure can cause damage to red blood cell formation and function.

9.) Avocado - Depending on the amount consumed, avocado can be toxic to your dog. Do not allow your dog to have any amount as even a little can cause digestive upset.

10.) Grapes - Both raisins and grapes have been found to be toxic to dogs. They can cause acute renal failure (sudden kidney failure) with consumption of amounts from a small serving to several ounces.

While these are my top 10 ingredients to steer clear of, there are so many more that can be put in pet foods and treats that are damaging. I was able to find an awesome list online that is quite thourough.

"This list of pet food ingredients and ratings was created by a cooperative effort between pet food formulator Dr. Lisa Newman, N.D., Ph.D. (www.Azmira.com), Mike Adams (www.HealthRanger.org) and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center. Mike Adams and the CWC analyzed the ingredients of 448 popular pet food products sold in the United States and organized them by frequency. Dr. Newman then provided a nutritional analysis and comment for each ingredient." It can be found by clicking here.

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