Socialization for your new Puppy


An often overlooked aspect of your new dog's life with you is socialization. Not just getting them used to being around humans, but also making sure they know how to handle themselves around other dogs. Domesticating dogs did come with the task of training them against all of their wild behaviours and territorial actions. As much as you might want your new pet to protect the family and the house, this can unfortunately put him into the path of innocent humans and children. There are some great options available to help you socialize your new puppy.

Doggy Daycare – Start with a finding a great doggie daycare. There are tons of them in the lower mainland. The benefits of a doggie daycare go far beyond simply playtime. This allows your pet an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and be away from you for the day. It will help with any potential separation anxiety issues and help your dog build strong self-confidence. Don't be afraid to ask for a tour and even references, a good daycare has nothing to hide and they will require puppy vaccinations before entry.

Puppy Training – A very worthwhile investment in your puppy's future. Not just a simple sit or stay, but more along the lines of socialization and asserting yourself as the alpha dog. Getting him off to a good start with some basic obedience will set the stage when he is no longer a fluffy little five pound pup.

Meet ups and off leash parks – Breed specific meet ups can be a great opportunity to connect with your breed community. They are a great resource for information on your breed as well as rescues and fundraisers. Simply go online and Google your breed, city and meet-up. The off leash park has become a staple for city's who are hoping to be canine friendly. With multiple locations hidden even deep within the concrete jungle, they should not be overlooked as a great place for you and your pet to spend time and to further socialize with other dogs.

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