There are many things to consider when moving to a new home. Your pets require their very own checklist of items to add on to that ever mounting Moving to-do list. My recent move brought a ton of challenges for myself and my 3 cats. (Yeah, I know what you're thinking. But technically it takes 5 to be a cat lady) In the end though, me and my crew were able to find a beautiful apartment and we couldn't be happier. I thought it'd be great to give you a checklist of things to consider before Moving Day.


Taking a moment and reading the ingredient panel on your pets food or treats can actually help you avoid putting many harmful ingredients into their body. Cancer in pets has become so common and just like us humans there are multiple factors, including chemicals and cancer causing preservatives.


Not just getting them used to being around humans, but also making sure they know how to handle themselves around other dogs. Domesticating dogs did come with the task of training them against all of their wild behaviours and territorial actions.


We all have those memories of strolling through the local pet shop looking at the puppies, kittens, critters, and birds to buy. As a small child you are enthralled with the fact that such a place exists, never mind where the pets come from or what kind of lives they lead. The sad truth of today's world is that the dogs and cats in pet stores often come from puppy and kitten mills. More like a pet factory than a healthy environment. As much as we feel we are rescuing them from their sad little cages, it is this very idea that the pet stores rely on to sell them. We are supporting this form of breeding by "rescuing" our pets from pet stores.

petWelcome to the first pet segment here on VERS. I am excited to be able to share my experience and knowledge with you and to do whatever I can to improve your pets lives and yours.

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