Smartphones: Which One's a Keeper? - Part 4

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Honourable Mention: Windows Phone 7


There isn't an actual phone review because there hasn't been a new Windows Phone smartphone released in Canada for about a year now. Instead, I'll talk about the OS itself. It's now a year old with the latest update, 7.5 Mango. This update adds much-needed features that give the Windows Phone platform a fighting chance.

The Good:

• Updated Mango with over 200 new features like multi-tasking, even better social network integration, unified inboxes, threaded emails to name a few.
• Existing phones get a much needed speed boost with the upgrade.

The Bad:

• The phone still doesn't support 4G/LTE networks.
• Multitasking isn't as easy to manage compared to iPhone's and Android's multitasking.

The Ugly:

• Windows Phone sales are absolutely dismal. Even Steve Ballmer admits this. But with the Nokia partnership, and great Nokia headsets coming out soon, things will turn around.

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