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Blackberry Bold 9900: The Professional


Blackberries have recently taken a back seat to the rising popularity of the iPhone and Android platforms. But the new breed of Blackberries hopes to change that. Armed with the new Blackberry 7 OS, and a higher resolution touchscreen, the new Blackberry Bold 9900 is definitely well equipped to take on the challenge.

The Good:

• The web browser is greatly improved. Blackberry owners can forget the old non-user-friendly browser experience.
• New touchscreen in combination with trackpad offer a more modern way of navigating the OS
• The keyboard is a dream.
• Uses less data than other OSs today.
• Of course, Blackberry Messenger is still wonderful.

The Bad:

• Very weak app selection.
• Touch elements of the OS aren't as intuitive than the leading touch screen smartphones out there.

The Ugly:

• With iMessage on all iOS devices, Blackberry Messenger faces some extremely strong competition

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