Smartphones: Which One's a Keeper?

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Smartphones: Which One's a Keeper?
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iPhone 4S: The Socialite


Probably the most iconic smartphone in the world, I'm sure you're definitely considering this phone if you don't already have it. With Twitter integration right within the new iOS5, and the game-changing iMessage, iOS users everywhere will be able to stay connected to each other and never miss a beat. This phone has the most of everything, with over 500,000 apps available at the Apple App Store, plus the myriad of accessories you didn't even know your iPhone would need. It definitely is an iPhone world; every other phone is just living in it.

The Good:

• The new iOS5 has a host of amazing new features like the new Notifications Centre, Wi-Fi syncing, Twitter integration, new Reminders, plus more.
• iMessage will be the BBM killer. This messaging service works across all iOS5 devices. Unlimited text messages over Wi-Fi or 3G and it won't eat away at your texting plan.
• iCloud service is now live. Meaning you can stream your music, videos, emails, etc. from the cloud and free up hard drive space on your phone.
• Siri, a sophisticated voice command/personal assistant.
• The new 8MP camera is one of the best on any smartphones out there.

The Bad:

• Prices are pretty steep. With no contracts, and unlocked from Apple, they start at $649 for the 16GB and up to $849 for the 64GB Model. With a 3-year contract through the major carriers, they start at $159 to $369.
• Battery life has been reported to be even worse than iPhone 4's.
• Doesn't support the new high-speed LTE network.

The Ugly:

• Siri's features are severely limited up here in Canada at the moment. But at least she's entertaining!

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