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It lowers your chance of osteoporosis, and your chance of colon cancer, not to mention what having a little extra spring in your step will do for the many challenges you already have to deal with on a daily basis. Having energy and attitude to take on what life throws your way means fewer sighs and a few more highs. With these reasons and so many more not listed, why wouldn't you want to take charge of your health for the best? Well here's the reason. Simply put, you were overwhelmed before you even started. With so many nutritional facts and scientific words for every appendage and bodily function, where do you even start? The simple answer is you should start right here! I personally promise not to push you to hard. Waking up in the morning and promising yourself that you'll have the diet of a professional athlete and the workout strategy of a UFC champion is admirable, but a good way to fail. Lets keep it simple. What if I offered you a few friendly tips that you can manage putting into effect today while still balancing that full time career and maintaining family time? Seek help in things you don't understand and you can make a lot of good changes. Its also not that hard to make mistakes if you're not careful so having a regular walkthrough on how to approach simple modifications to your daily diet and activities will definitely come in handy, provided you're ready for them. If you are in bad health, on medication or ill in anyway please contact your doctor or take a Par-Q test (available at the bottom of this article) before you start physical activities or dietary changes. A Par-Q test is a small questionnaire a personal trainer or some gyms will give you that ask various questions to find out if you are in good enough health to begin physical excursion. Some of the questions for example are: Have you ever had problems breathing while engaged in physical activity? Have you ever had chest pain while working out? If you answer yes to one or more of the questions in a Par-Q test, please make sure to see your MD before you continue further.

There are some things you can do to ensure you are beginning a fitness plan the right way, one of the biggest favours you can do yourself is making sure you don't stress out. You don't want this because it can be easy to become discouraged if we feel like things are too much for us. We sometimes push ourselves into doing something that sounded good at the time, but turned out to not be so fun in the long run. Again, lets not set the bar ridiculously high. Let's start with two days a week of slowly pushing your physical excursion boundary back. This will open the door to more intensive workouts later and avoid a lot of gasping for air.

A good way to not get awkwardly stuck in the gym is to take some time before you head there and make a plan on what you are going to do. By that I don't mean create a huge schematic of every arm movement. I mean pick one or two muscle groups you want to push the boundary of. Write down the few actions that it will take to do this. You could also have different days for different types of exercise. There are three main types: Cardiovascular training such as running or hitting the bicycle, weight or resistance training such as lifting weights or doing pushups and situps, and finally there is flexibility training which involves things like Yoga or Pilates.

If you need extra help in deciding or coming up with a routine, a personal trainer can make sense of anything unclear. They will help assess your needs and develop a fitness plan that's tailored for you,

your wants and bodies characteristics. They can make a complete fitness plan and guide you through every step of making your goals happen. They will safely teach you all of the exercises in your plan, keep track of your progress and help correct you in areas that you may have forgotten, plus they are always there to answer any questions you may have rather than typing in questions into your Google search bar and reading through 1000 threads of forum. They will also be a great motivational support for you. Having someone to cheer you on each step of the way may seem like a flakey way to describe it, but if you have a person backing you up, the sky's the limit.

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