asteroidsChances are, wherever you may have heard about steroids, they were most likely mentioned in a way that could have given them bad attention, and that’s mainly because of the wide-spread abuse and harm people place on their bodies with them. These chances of risk increase when they are used in an improper manner, or without proper knowledge and medical supervision, they can become very taxing on the body. They are being used by well-known athletes, giving them an unfair advantage because of their performance enhancing characteristics. The people that use them have extra strength, more power, increased endurance and other advantages over the straight edged crowd. If that’s not where the bad attention comes from, it could come from the fact that they are presently illegal without medical clearance, and this brings steroids a lot of bad attention, because of the methods used to produce, buy or sell them, and that’s simply because most methods are illegal. Some of these methods can also result in a poor quality product, and thats because the people that make them, may not be qualified to do so, and they can also be people looking for a quick dollar.

Anabolic steroids, or as most people simply know them “steroids” are the type that give you performance and size enhancing benefits. Steroids were first isolated, recognized and synthesized in the 1930s, however they have gone through many changes since that era. The health risks steroids produce are often brought on from over usage and long-term dosing, especially when taken incorrectly, some of these harmful changes can be found in your liver, this chance is greatest when taken orally. When steroids are taken orally, your liver acts as a filter and tries to rid your body of the unnatural elements you have placed in it, so when they are abused in high doses over a long period of time, you will essentially poison your liver, it happens because your liver simply cannot cope with the excess amounts it has to process. As for your heart, steroids can harm the structure of the left ventricle, this causes irreversible damage, changes to the structure of your heart can be dangerous, even fatal. The bodies high hormone levels brought on with steroid use can bring on conditions such as gynecomastia, which can be quite common with steroid use, this is known in the gym as bitch tit’s or simply put, the male looks like he has women’s breasts. Testicular atrophy should be expected with pretty much any dose and length of time of steroid use. This is when your testicles become smaller, they will also loose their function leaving you with a tiny sac and no juice, this happens because your hormone levels (mainly testosterone) become high from the ingestion of steroids, your bodies reaction to this, is to attempt to return itself to a state of homostasis (it natural complete balance of all it elements) so the body stops the production of natural testosterone, which is produced in the testes. These are a couple conditions which are common, but other then your balls getting small, these are mostly found with people that abuse them, but these and other serious effects could happen at any level.

More harmful effects with steroid use can include changes in your cholesterol, acne, and high blood pressure, and possibly death, which is uncommon, but not out of the question. Roid rage is not as common as people think, but could happen due to hormone level changes. So having medical supervision is important. Steroid’s have proven useful, when they are used under careful supervision by a medical doctor for people that have bodily wasting diseases such as AIDS and Cancer. When people use steroids for gains in the gym, the changes that occur are often quick and very explosive, and often give the user a feeling power and that they are in control of their body, they can become very addictive because people will find themselves doing just “one more cycle” or they want to get a little more muscle on their body, or they simply start to love the feeling they get when they can make gains in the gym or lift more weight then they normally can.

Building muscle with steroids is like blowing them up with a needle, it’s unnatural and can be unhealthy if not used in a proper manner or if you get a bad batch, this muscle with also turn into fat if you quit working out regularly, and, if you decide to work out naturally, you will be at square one, as this was not natural muscle to begin with, and so you will have to make the gains very slowly, you might even give up because it becomes harder then your accustomed to. In my personal opinion, good things come with time, and this includes working out at the gym. Take your time and do it naturally, you will feel better doing so, without cheating. Come back next week as we wrap up supplement usage.

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