Ring of Fire


Dear Flame Dame,

I met this guy a few weeks ago, he's from India and loves to fuck me. Ive never been fucked better by anyone, he's very intimate and sensual and I love spending time with him. He says he never wants to date a boy and he still wants to marry a woman. I told him that was fine and that we can just hook up, but he's starting to call me and said that he is starting to like me more that just a quick fuck. Should I see if a relationship can go somewhere with him or should I tell him a fuck is as far as we will go?


Ring of fire

Dear Ring of Fire,

Oh Love, such a fickle and unpredictable temptress. I think the best thing to do in this situation is to imagine yourself in this guys shoes before making any decisions. First of all, despite his feelings for you and the obvious fact that he is attracted to men and at the very least bisexual. It sounds as though his desire to marry a woman may be a cultural expectation. I had a friend who was Lebanese and very very gay. His attempt to come out to his brother resulted in a death threat. He is now marrying a woman with the plans to pop out a few kids and then when his parents die, he will come out to his wife. He is willing to go to such extreme lengths just to simply avoid coming out to his parents.

The problem with this type of cultural hatred, is that even if he is developing feelings for you it is difficult to know what he will do. Will he fall madly in love with you and realize that being with you is better than staying in the closet and marrying a woman? Maybe. The problem is that you might get crushed in the process of him finding himself. Follow your feelings ROF, enjoy the time you spend with him and the great sex. If you feel yourself getting attached to him, be aware that it might result in a dead end for you. Even if he did want to be in a relationship with you, would you really want to be with someone who kept you as their dirty little secret that they were ashamed of?

On the other hand, I personally know 3 couples who are AMAZING together and their parents have no idea that they are even dating someone. It can work, but please take care of yourself in the process.

Big Busty Hugs,

The Flame Dame

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