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Dear Flame Dame

My boyfriend and I have been experimenting with watersports for the last few months. I love coming home and kneeling in the shower and having him drain his piss all over me. It's starting to get a little dull doing the same thing over and over again and we want to take it to the next level. We've been talking about him pissing inside my ass but don't know how medically harmful it would be. Is there anything that we can do to make watesports more fun and is it safe to piss in each others ass?

Love and Kisses

Thirsty Bottom

Dear Thirsty Bottom,

Oh Watersports, the often taboo but generally harmless act of using your urine in sexplay. Urine itself is a relatively sterile body fluid, primarily comprised of water, urea (proteins and amino acids) and uric acid. If you are engaging in piss play with a committed partner who is known to be recently tested and STD/HIV free, then there are few risks with using urine in your sex play, both inside and out.

Exterior body play can be an issue if you have any cuts or lesions as urine does have the ability to carry viruses and bacteria. While the consumption of urine can really only be an issue if you have diabetes, impaired kidney function, or high blood pressures. It can also irritate digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers or other chronic digestive issues. Inner piss play such as urinating into your boyfriends ass, is considered high risk sexual activity as it irritates the lining of the colon and can leave you susceptible to infection. Simply put Thirsty, if you and your boyfriend are both healthy, committed, and tested, then regular sex play involving urine is fine, both inside and out.

If you are looking to spice things up in the piss realm, there are a few different things for you to try. Drinking or tasting urine as well as Piss Fucking - Engaging in anal sex while your partner has a load of your piss up his ass should only be engaged in when the health status of your partner is known. The risks, as I mentioned above are really only of concern where disease transmission is involved. Clothed piss play involving wearing blue jeans and urinating in them as well as other clothed play is very popular and you can find many videos of this on Youtube. There is also an entire sub-genre of kinky piss play involving wearing piss friendly rubber, latex, or neoprene, all of which is referred to as Gummi wear. These can be worn out to a bar to signify you like to get wet!

Have fun and be safe Thirsty

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