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hippyDear Flame Dame,

I just started dating this amazingly hot girl and she is perfect for me. BUT... and you know there had to be a but. She doesnt like to shave or even trim her pubic hair. Now I may be pretty butch myself but I like to keep things shaved and tidy. I love eating her pussy but find that the pubic hair caught in my teeth and the back of my throat is a major turn off and total distraction for me.

How can I get her to shave or at the very least trim without offending her? Please help :)

Love Flossy Bushwacker

Dear Flossy Bushwacker (kick ass name by the way),

Bushy bushes have been the arch nemesis of some oral sex afficianados since the dawn of time. Where some people find it absolutely necessary to have a partner who is shaved, others don't mind a little more plumage to get the job done. It all comes down to communication and being considerate to your partners feelings about her personal preferences.

I think the best way to get on the subject is to suggest a group activity! Offer to shave your partner. Tell her that she is going to lay back, relax and you would like to shave her pussy bald and worship every inch of her. Shaving is actually a very erotic form of foreplay and will not only result in a bald pussy for you to munch upon (your welcome). But it will be a great opener to the conversation beforehand for her to open up on why she does not shave herself. Maybe she finds it uncomfortable or she just simply prefers the au-natural look.

Either way, you might just find yourself with an opportunity to discuss your preferences or a perfect bald pussy to eat...It's win win! Give it a try and let me know how she responds.

Big Busty Hugs

The Flame Dame

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