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Perceptions of Middle Aged
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midagedMiddle-aged. The phrase strikes terror in young gay men.

According to the Collins and Oxford dictionaries, both describe Middle age between 40 and 65 and 45-to-50 respectively. The U.S. Census lists middle age in two categories: 35-to 44 and 45-to-50. Prominent social scientist Erik Erikson, a Danish-German-American developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst (1902-1994), believed middle age range is between 40 and 65.

What about a 'gay' middle age?

According to the website, the Middleagedqueer.blogspot.com, gay middle age begins at 45. On another non-gay website, middleage.org it states: "...middle-age is neither the beginning nor the end of life, but exactly what it is, the middle of life".

"Most middle-aged men are either too materialistic or just stay away from the drama that occurs in the world" wrote one man on answerbag.com.

"The main problem with being gay and middle-aged isn't about maintaining an erection, "wrote one man in 2007. " It's about identifying with a group that no longer identifies with you" on the middleagedqueer website. "And god help you if you haven't found a partner before you turn 45...You're screwed."

And another website, godlikeproductions.com, with a not-meant-to-be-funny forum question are from th godlikeproductions.com website with the forum question, "WHY do many MEN turn GAY in MIDDLE AGE?" Why indeed as we snicker.

However, being gay and middle-aged does have its rewards. Most men are in their peak earning years (the gay press and travel industry only recognized this in recent years), and have accumulated assets. There is a reason why gay middle-aged couples are desirable to marketers: Duel Income, No Kids or DINKs meaning more disposable income to spend.

Maybe being gay and middle-aged is what we make of it. Rather than what society or the gay community dictates how being gay and middle aged should be.

This is the generation who saw AIDS come knocking on its door and see countless friends die of this ravaging disease. Is it any wonder there has been reported an upswing of new HIV/AIDS cases in the younger generation? (2009 CDC report) and not from those middle aged With age comes experience and knowledge.

What is 'hard' – no pun intended – is to compete with the hard-body 20-something year olds in the gay porn vids. Where editing and Viagra makes this faux world seem real. The porn industry gives what the buying public wants: young, hung 20-something year olds with bodies we once had (ya, right) or dreamed about having.

It's more interesting to note that "Sex and Middle Aged Gay", was created in Feb., 2007 has only had six postings/comments with the last one back in May.

"Why do SOME older middle aged/older gay men always try to pick-up younger teenager and twenty-something guys?" wrote one seemingly angry (twink?). "Why can't they leave us alone?" He continues: "I've said 'No.' to some of those types, and THEY still wouldn't leave me alone. Old pervs..." What 'till he reaches middle age.

Being older means you have been around the block (or twice) and have seen youth- and- beauty come and go. The greying or even white-haired middle-aged gay – Anderson Cooper comes to mind and the just turned 50-year-old George Clooney has never looked better - has become a new hot trend in guy looks. gay and straight.

On an allexperts.com's posting, 'Coping with Loneliness: for middle-aged gay', a 40-year-old gay male didn't feel like "I have a life." This self-described shy guy mentioned he had a couple of short-term relationships and sex? "Always with people that I have paid for" increasing his frustration.

TMI guy. TMI.

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