Getting Quick and Dirty with Marco Da Silva

MarcodasilvaAre you ready, Vancouver? You've most likely seen him on the cover of Instinct magazine. Maybe the collections of pictures from his steamy photoshoots scattered all over the internet? Perhaps you were lucky enough to have seen him dancing on tour with Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue's "All I See"music video (yes, that's him with the sexy tattoos). Or you're one of the lucky ones to have been on the danceloor while he's up in the DJ booth, manning the decks. However you know him, get ready to take your relationship further. Marco Da Silva will be here on Feb 25th!

We had a chance to ask him a few questions, and got to know him a little bit better. And like him a whole lot more.

This is what everyone wants to know, what would you say is the key to your heart?

Well I ask myself that question sometimes too... Guess we are on a lifetime journey to find out who we actually are! But humbleness, humour and creativity are things that trigger me and my soul! I love to learn and be inspired by action, conversation or people! I feel a strong connection to positive people...it is easy to complain and say no but say yes and not let obstacles in life get to you that is a challenge and very attractive to me!

Where do you find the drive/motivation to stay inspired and to continue doing what you do?

By reading spiritual journey books, by listening to what people have to say, by getting out of my own comfort zone cause I believe life only starts when you get out of your comfort zone! Documentaries about all sort of things inspire me... but most of all: My haters inspire me ;) because they give me drive to prove them wrong on a daily basis lol.

What other passions do you have that most people out there wouldn't know about?

I write! Whether it's spoken word, poems, or my lifetime biographies which will be an endless project!! Writing releases my brain from too much information and it lets me come down! It's very releasing... I write about many things in life... Why am I not sharing? I like the idea of it being a personal thing' just me and the words... But hey maybe I'll share one day.

You're known as a dancer, choreographer, DJ , model and actor. But when it all comes down to it, what do you ultimately want to be remembered by?

A dream catcher! Cause I caught every dream I had and live it to the fullest!

A genre doesn't mean anything to me what counts is that people meet me and are surprised how successful yet a very humble down to earth kinda guy and that leaves them with a pleasant idea of me and I love that! We all can have success but to be a good person with a great energy that is hard to work on!

And finally, do you have any words of wisdom (or warning) to your eager Canadian fans that can't wait to see you?

Don't let anybody tell you: you CAN'T do this or you can't become that! If you work hard and believe in yourself then anything is possible!

"If you don't love yourself who the hell is gonna love you?" Can I get an AMEN? Lol ;)

Excellent advice for anyone. See, don't you love him even more?

Marco Da Silva will be at 560 for the Poni launch on February 25th. He'll be at the DJ booth this time, but who knows, maybe he'll bust a move or two. Advance tickets are now on sale. Looks like it's going to be one damn good night!


0 #1 charbel diab 2012-02-19 00:07
l ove you and ilove meet you in lebanon marco

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