A Sit-Down with Ms.Marley Davis

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A Sit-Down with Ms.Marley Davis
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When I met Marley Davis, shoulder-length soft blond curls with dancing green eye-makeup - She is as real as she portrays from the image of the girl next door - super genuine, fresh and impeccably polite. Every sentence were followed with thank-yous and I was treated like a guest of honor, 'Would you like some wine?' or 'Don't worry about it, I'll ask my assistant (affectionately known as her boyfriend) to help'.

I entered a house of Love, her two adorable moral support (their dog and cat) greeted me continuously the entire interview.

And the love is extended to support the LGTB community, bringing awareness to Canada's Pink Shirt Day for Anti Bullying.

With such a cool character, you wouldn't expect a furious mastermind in progress. A highly organized mind, super efficient, a literature buff and an enormous determination (currently balancing 4 jobs at time).

'Who needs sleep, right?' she grins. 'I don't need it.'

'No one should take fashion too seriously', Marley points her views on fashion, 'Clothes should have witticism'.

Humour and a touch of drama are behind all her collections.

'I always design with respects to every women's body type. Give me curves anytime'.

2 years ago she embarked on her journey with a background in Fashion Design & Merchandising. She showcased her collection with TASS (the Teacher and Student Show)annually and sold it to Ayden Gallery located in Tinseltown.

This collection spelled out the 70's vibe through signature pieces of the fuchsia suit and the Jimmy Morrison pants .Previous collection included inspirations from Kung Fu graphic novels and choreography.

Her collections had already caught local celebrity's eye,Laurie Belle,host of Left Coast TV.This girl shows promise - Look out for this one.

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