Monsieur Phillipe Dubuc

The fashion surroundings of nationwide has suddenly been advancing and embracing contemporary cuts into every collection nowadays.

Amazed and one can't help but start to wonder can we push contemporary out of its own box or are we at the end of the line of being avant-garde?

Meet Monsieur Phillipe Dubuc.

Phillipe Dubuc
Phillipe Dubuc
Phillipe Dubuc
Phillipe Dubuc
Phillipe Dubuc
Phillipe Dubuc
Phillipe Dubuc

Cher Phillipe who humbly resides in Quebec has been melting my heart for menswear since the moment I laid my eyes on his line back in 2005.

It was love at first sight. I was infatuated and paralyzed into a euphoric stage.

He is the one who should whisper sweet nothings to all beautiful men's closets.

He dangerously soothes us like honey with untamed darker, romantic styles.

Dubuc's garcons are approached with unexplored seduction where heavy intelligence is imposed with rebellious streaks of nature – you can't help but feel like you've fallen for the bad boy back in high school.

I still am a blushing teen everytime I glimpse Dubuc's collections.

He is more than just design, more than art, more than expression. He is avant-garde thinking of a bold mission, 'The identity of a city begins with its creators and from their free development.'

Ah,such an artist with such complexity.

I can't help but be spellbound with his visions to his 'anticonformist designs'.

For his collection of fall '11, Phillipe chose phrases such as 'brooding grace' and 'nature brushes up against the unknown, following a trajectory as fantastic as the open sky'.


Intense tailoring tapered construction and immaculate lines streams into a picturesque poetry for the entire collection.

His boys were given approval to play with crisp textures and to select quality from the most shy,luxurious wools.

Unorthodox minimalism at its best.

His pantalons were all together another story.

Promising men nothing but comfort and the ultimate masculinity while introducing to the wide ranges of charcoals tones and placing seams in foreign places we know not of.

With such innovation we can all be overwhelmed but rest assured versatility has always been stapled to each of Dubuc's garment regardless of season, size or shape.

If we could turn back time, there seems to the lingering spirit of an apprentice who may have once clinked champagne with the famous Poiret- non?

What do I know,I am just a woman profoundly in love.

Phillipe please,would you kindly dress my lovers?

Beaucoup des bisous,


More info : www.dubucstyle.com

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