Jillian Michaels Comes Out!


We all knew and maybe loved/hated her as the tough girl trainer for 10 seasons on 'The Biggest Loser', and then watched her as health and fitness expert for a brief time on the 'The Doctors'. And now we know exactly why she left both shows. It must have been incredibly difficult because Jillian had been living quite a secret life for many years.

I've generally pride myself on having quite excellent gaydar, and what I'd seen coming for years, finally has! Jillian Michaels has officially come out in People Magazine, sharing news about her two new beautiful children and her partner of over 3 years, Heidi.

For this awesome story in her own words, check out this video blog on Jillian's Daily Dose.

You can also get a sneak peak of the article being released June 4th in People Magazine here.

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