Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is besides a fashion show.

'It's a fantasy you can get away with' states V.Angel Alessandra Ambrosio.

Indeed, with spectacular set designs, over-the-top bedroom looks one would sleep in and the behind-the-scenes close to resembling to a rocket launch - a wishful fantasy.

The show opened up with themes from Ballet, Superhero with collections' special dedication to Kanye's past albums and closed with collection Club Pink featuring Nicki Minaj latest album.

I would personally love to dress all of the performers for this occasion, including Maroon 5. I was surprised with Nicki Minaj wardrobe selection borderlining M.I.A's - I expected much more pronounced sexified attire.

This year, Victoria had fresh faces from different races radiating down the runway, but my all-time favorite angels will always be Doutzen-Kroes (the fashion industry has labeled her voluptuous) and Adriana Lima.

Miranda Kerr beamed in her 2.5 million dollar fantasy bra during the Aquatic Angel Collection.

But the V.Angel who took center stage was Anne Vyalitsina when front man/boyfriend Adam Levine of Maroon 5 jumped in for a peck on the cheek.

Overall the show was amazing, I still get the little-girl jitters when watching the entire production.

The collections that stood out the most and deserves a standing ovation were Passion and Spell on you.

Bravo to the main Collections' Directors Todd Thomas and Sophia Neophitou.

Passion was a collection solely based on Spanish fans, I felt otherwise. Heavy jewels, bright embroidery took me back to the memoirs of Indian Devi's.

Spell on you displayed enormous laced-wings and inspiration from the intimate boudoir style. White never looked so provocative. Ever so sensual with ethereal fabrics.

What is it about Victoria's Fashion Show that has got us all awestruck?

The Lingerie?

The dramatized production?

The Angels?

No, must be those wings.

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