Dancing With the Gays!!


I have a new love for Dancing With the Stars this season, as they showcase both a gay and a transgender person in the competition. Chaz Bono, and Carson Kressley are holding it down for the LGBT community !!!

Both narrowly escaped elimination this week, having found themselves together in the bottom of the barrel after their performances on Monday. But both managed to stay afloat, as they sent home Chyna Phillips for not remembering her routine! Yes.. Chyna Phillips as in The Wilson Phillips, as in "Hold On"... OMG!

Anyways, back to the boys. Chaz started the season out on a rough patch, having a hard time keeping up with the intense cardio, but also experiencing some pretty serious knee problems. Regardless of his conditions, he has proven to get better with each performance week by week. This week's themed dance was to Rocky, and Chaz nailed it with his best performance to date. He made a shout out to his entire family who was there to support him, including CHER in the audience!!! She had tears of joy streaming down her now scarecrow like face.. such a shame, why doesn't anyone want to age NATURALLY?! But it was still really touching to see her so proud, after the long estrangement she had with Chaz when he transitioned.

Carson on the other hand had an interesting performance to say the least. This week's theme was Pirates, and one waltzing pirate he was!!! Carson's costume was ridiculous, the props were cheesy, he was gay as gay, his partner was a definite pirate wench, but the only important thing is that he CAN dance!!! Femme or not, he has been holding it down for the boi's since the first week!

Shhhh... don't tell anyone.. but I think Carson is the one to beat this season! Visit Dancing With the Stars

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