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I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to ask Peter about his fast rise to fame, and what he had to say about his journey left me wanting more of this glitter glamorous pop tot!

B: How old were you when you came out? 

PB: “Oh me and that closet had quite the relationship. The first time I was 15, I told my mom and sister I was bisexual. I think it was more of an identity declaration because I instantly started wearing tighter clothes. I dyed my hair blue and pink and wore glitter to school every day. I had a “boyfriend” that I performed with at a local theme park. I never saw him except for in rehearsals or performances and we only talked on ICQ. I found out he had another boyfriend and it made me mad so I told everyone that I wasn’t bi, it was just phase. Back in the closet. I was always very flamboyant and dramatic but I didn’t associate that with my sexuality. I still don’t. I had lots of girlfriends and genuinely liked them. I really struggled with being gay for a long time because it just didn’t make sense to me logically…but then the first time I kissed a boy it all just instantly made sense. I can’t tell you how incredible it was. It just didn’t compare to when I kissed my girls. The whole world literally stopped, it was the first time I felt like it was going to be ok. Funny enough once I came out and was comfortable with it I didn’t face a lot of bullying. My friends got most of it. People would talk shit about me to my close friends and they would stick up for me, thank god. I think most of the bully’s were scared to confront me because I had nothing to hide and I wasn’t scared to stand up for myself.”

B: How did your music career begin?

PB: “There definitely wasn’t an abundance of glitter or glam in Calgary when I was there so initially I was inspired by things I saw in movies or in magazines. I became obsessed with fame and performance at a really young age and I always loved music but I never really put them together. I actually wanted to be in movies because I was terrified to sing in front of people, but I was drawn to the infamous and the inappropriate. I liked being bad and causing a scene and I had an ego bigger than any club I ever stepped into. Nightlife definitely helped define the type of art I wanted to create and eventually music, because it’s the perfect interpretation of that. I was spending a lot of time in clubs and getting paid to host and promote parties. I could feel my reputation growing and I had a burning desire to perform and make a name for myself. I played around with a few producers and recorded some tracks. It really took off when I met Maxwell Maxwell..we talked a bit over Facebook and then went straight into the studio and recorded ‘FuckTalk’. Once that song came out everything pretty much just started falling into place.”

B: Did you ever think “Fucktalk” would become so world known?

PB: “When I first heard it I didn’t really like it. It didn’t really fit into what I thought a pop song should be. It was too repetitive and there wasn’t the usual verse, chorus, verse structure. I NEVER thought I would be able to perform it. But it was the first song DJ’s started playing and that was my whole goal in the first place, to make music for the club. I understand now what Max was doing. Max is always 10 steps ahead of people, even the people he’s working with. In retrospect I can see how fucking perfect that song was for me and what I was creating. I’ll sing that song till the day I die and I’m happy doing it.”

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