The Down Low with DJ Dreaddy

deaddryNot only is he a completely down to earth guy, DJ Adam Dreaddy also comes with an incredible exuberance that shines right through his music. His passion for creating an amazing flow of energy on a dance floor is unparalleled, no question!

DJ Adam Dreaddy has recently breathed new life into the gay club scene in Vancouver with the re-launch of Fag Fridays aka Ff. I was given an opportunity to shoot some questions his way, this is how the conversation went...

Dreaddy is from Wetaskiwin Alberta (Edmonton). He now lives in Vancouver and aside from DJing he has a part-time job as a barber.

He started the dream of DJing when he lived in Edmonton. Adam used to rave and party in his college years, which opened his ears and eyes to nightlife and the infectious energy it offered. DJing came first. But it also put him right into promotions, as he solely promoted himself. Playing in front of an empty room sucks away one's energy. He is focused on making his own contracts with clubs. It 's increased his pay beyond a DJ wage and has allowed him to live a little more comfortably, "More money also lets me increase the allowance for music purchases and the cost of music production", says Dreaddy.

I asked Adam what he thought about Vancouver's gay scene, "The Gay and Lesbian scene in Vancouver is a little flat in my eyes. Every club plays the same music on Davie. It's changing though, people are experiencing different avenues of fun and experimenting more on different sounds. At 560, Quest and I are going toward big room sounds, lots of vocal with rolling beats. Turning away from a lot of the back-to-back Top 40. It's brought a whole new crowd of party goers, which is exciting and unpredictable."

DJ Dreaddy says his fav DJ's at the moment are: DJ Paulo, Mark Knight, Starkillers, Nicky Romero, Axwell, Josh the funky 1, Calvin Harris, and Avicii.

He states, "One track I play in the club that never fails is anything from Rihanna.. Switching up the remix is a must though.. Gays in Van love Rihanna!"

His favorite track of all time is Delerium's Silence, featuring Sarah McLachlan. The bootlegs and remixes offered in 2011 have been amazing. "I can never get sick of it." "My favorite track right now is Avicii's Levels, the beat is infections and the vocal is perfect. "

"The first event I (ever) played at was called, One Night Stand. That was for Shine Nightclub in Vancouver, playing along with Bobby James of Destineak which was so fun!"

"My favorite event I played was last years Winter Pride in Whistler. Everyone was in great spirits and gave so much back in terms of energy. So far my favorite event I put on was last months Ff. It was 5 month in the making, a lot of hard work that went into it. Everything paid off in the end, it was amazing. Free flowing champagne!! That says a lot..."

"For me (DJ Dreaddy), the best parties being thrown right now are from the Matinee Group. However, I've been eyeing the promotions from the Tomorrowland Festivals, held in Belgium, and they look spectacular! If I could stage a party anywhere it would be on one of those oil tankers in English Bay... Give them life with lights and music!"

I asked his opinion of Vinyl vs. CD .. "I say people should learn the foundation of DJing, which is Vinyl. Pay your dues. However, playing Vinyl in clubs is not realistic anymore. You have to have the latest tracks people are listening to, you have to be current. I started with Vinyl and now am on Serrato. A software that allows me to have all my music with me at one time. Never leave home without it in other words."

Adam's advice for up and coming DJ's and promoters... "Read your room, it will tell you everything."

"In five years I see myself married and producing my own tracks. Playing in my own room (venue), with guests that are there to dance and "let go". It's music, it's a celebration. I can never give it up. :) "

"I'd like to shout out to my boyfriend Riley Cox - He understands me like crazy and is patient with me on this journey. For that, how could I not love him?"



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