Just the other day I caught myself wondering, "what happened to Janet Jackson?", and today I found myself pleasantly surprised and extremely proud of my idol. She is about to executive produce a documentary about transgender people of all ages around the globe!


Not only is he a completely down to earth guy, DJ Adam Dreaddy also comes with an incredible exuberance that shines right through his music. His passion for creating an amazing flow of energy on a dance floor is unparalleled, no question!

The_Naked_and_Famous-Punching_In_A_Dream_3October is the month of many good things!! For one, it means Thanksgiving and Halloween, it is also my favorite month weather-wise in Vancouver...but most importantly it means the fall/winter music tours are going to be coming to town!! This girl couldn't be any happier!!! Where else to seek refuge from the rainy day on October 11th?... than The Commodore Ballroom to see the electrifying Kiwi band, The Naked and Famous!!!! I know I will be!


You lezzies will most definitely recognize Hailey for playing the character "Alice" on "The L Word". Five seasons into the show, Uh Huh Her came together in Los Angeles 2007, and immediately blew the heads off of all the cynical industry haunchos with their debut album, I See Red.


You all should know him by now as Vancouver’s most notorious club kid, Peter Breeze has officially made his presence known, and he isn’t backing down anytime soon. The Calgary native, who grew up on the likes of Ace of Base and Shania Twain, is taking Canada’s nightlife by storm with his unapologetic and scandalous gay club dance tracks.


One of Vancouver's most underrated, underground female DJ's in the gay community, DJ T, has been packing dance floors for over 10 years now. Her flava? - Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40, Dancehall, and House. Known out of the club as Teairah Guy or T, the 27 year old, both born and raised, has always called Vancouver home. When T's not spinning, she's busy working graveyards shifts at a local group home focusing on youth with behavior issues. I had a chance to talk with DJ T, and I couldn't think of a better person to introduce as our FIRST launch's music feature, than DJ T, in her FIRST ever interview. Now that is some crazy shit right there!!! WINNING!

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