Christopher Ashley directs Steven Weber, Michael T. Weiss, and Patrick Stewart. Steven Weber whom you may remember from "Single White Female." And "Leaving Las Vegas" did a fantastic job playing the role of Jeffrey, an adorable queer that has given up sex due to the fact that it is no longer fun.


If you are aware of the hijra culture, which I was not before this film, you know that the hijra are basically individuals that were born with feminine qualities and are not considered men or women by their families. They would be kicked out of their family homes and forced to survive on their own.


A cast including Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Antonio Banderas worked together with director Jonathan Demme to create one of the most beautiful, haunting, and mesmerizing movies of all time. The film is the story of two men coming together.


Mathew Ludwinski plays Andy, a budding actor recently moved to L.A. with his bff Candy played by Allison Lane. This film shows the shallow nature of Hollywood and the obsession that we have with the notion of celebrity and the lengths we will go through to achieve it.


"The Advocate for Fagdom" directed by Angélique Bosio is a no holds barred documentary on the film career of LaBruce from the beginning of his infamous journey to the present day. Bosio delvs into the early projects of LaBruce's career from "No Skin Off My Ass" to "L.A. Zombie."

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