Repo! The Genetic Opera

repoThe second film in my musical mayhem month is "Repo! The Genetic Opera," a slightly obscure musical that does have a cult following, not unlike the Rocky Horror fans out there. Perhaps not as legendary, but I hope that one day it does. Now if you are looking for a movie with enchanting songs regarding rainbows or dancing all night you have chosen the wrong movie and should press stop immediately. I would imagine that the blood and gore factor is not quite up your alley this evening. Now I know that many of you reading this may think that a rock opera filled with a bloody mess may be slightly unappealing and that it may not be worth your time and effort to search Netflix, you are greatly mistaken. If the instant musical appeal and acting talent that Paul Sorvino brings to any film fails to persuade you, there is also the ever beautiful and talented Sarah Brightman to sweeten the deal.

You may very well have seen the more, hmmmm, commercialized version of the Genetic Opera in the movie "Repo Men," with the always sexy Jude Law. The concept for the film is pretty much the same. Organ failures in the world have steadily raised and not enough to go around, heath care is privatized in one company that monopolized the sale of artificial organs. GeneCo. Sounds like the perfect solution to an overwhelming problem, too bad they cost astronomical prices. This is where it gets cool, how do you repossess someone's heart if they can't pay, the solution is so simple. Cut it out, legally of course.

The film stars Anthony Steward Head which most of you will remember from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" show. What most people do not remember is that he also played Dr. Frankfurter in the updated version of "The Rocky Horror picture show," so with that additional piece of information on his career one can see how "Repo" fits into his filmography quite nicely. Ever since the musical episode of "Buffy" and his performance in "Rocky Horror" I have been waiting for another extravagant continuation in his musical career." Yes, I can be a geek and I am secure with that.

The musical numbers within the film were both comedic and sinister and offer character development throughout. I especially enjoy the numbers performed by Terrance Zdunich as Graverobber, who in my opinion has the catchiest and some of the most entertaining solos; it helps that as he sings he is pulling dead bodies out of their graves to harvest addictive pain meds out of the corpses. Paris Hilton was oddly enjoyable as well, never thought I would say that, but it is true. I recommend that you take the time to view this film and appreciate the originality and severity of the writers, director and actors.

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