Moulin Rouge

moulinrougeI'm sitting here watching one of my favorite musicals by creative genius director Baz Luhrmann. "Moulin Rouge". I know that it is easy to stereotype my first musical film choice as being "so gay" but when you thinks of it, this is a GLBT magazine, so deal with the cliché. For those of you out there that have yet the chance to view this film, I'll give you the low down. Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor star in this captivating and visually stunning masterpiece directed by the man that brought you "Romeo +Juliette" and "Australia." Their performances are backed by the ever dynamic John Leguizamo and Jim Broadbent. The movie is about love and the complications that come in the way all too often, usually with devastating results.

The thing about Luhrmann's style that always draws me into the stories he tells is the slow yet sudden transition from the quirky comedy to the dark dramas that lay underneath. In the beginning of "Moulin Rouge" the characters are so theatrical and full of energy along with the quick camera moves and upbeat musical numbers. One settles into a cozy cheerful atmosphere where nothing can go wrong. The songs that have been chosen for this film are mash ups of everything from Nirvana to Madonna and yet works wonderfully in 1900 Paris. The swirls of color and sequence and creative choreography all assist in the creation of this atmosphere. Throw in a little Nicole and Ewan and watch their chemistry flourish and become the cherry on top of this sugary sweet treat.

But like all silver linings, there are dark clouds inside that are sure to rain on everyone's parade. Lurhmann acclimatizes the audience so well that we really don't realize what is happening till it is all over. Much like "Romeo+Juliette" you cannot guarantee a happy ending. The musical score becomes much darker and ominous as you begin to see the foreshadowing thrown in throughout the film. Ewan McGregor gave a shining performance that made my eyes water a few times during the film, as I suspected since "Trainspotting," Ewan is a perfect example of a vibrant and resourceful actor. As this film was released in 2001 we have all seen his further work and I cannot be more thrilled. Not to mention that he's damn cute.

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