Martha Marcy May Marlene

marthamarcySean Durkin, Bravo! I was captivated throughout this film that shows a young woman's escape from a cult commune and brings her instead into a paranoid mindset that her estranged sister and husband are unable to deal with. I enjoyed the movie so much that I did not even crave a cigarette half way through the film, which will happen if the movie bores me at all. Elizabeth Olsen is the star of the film and I must say, thank goodness the Olsen family has some talent that progressed past the age of seven. The dark undertones and shocking scenes were well directed by Durkin which was impressive considering this was his first feature length film and he did it with absolute precision. I loved the beginning of the film that shows her escape through the woods, there is no indication as to why she is fleeing but you can see the terror in her eyes. My first thoughts were of an abusive boyfriend however the reality was far more sinister, in fact if the commune was any more fucked there would have been a kool aid scene or a Manson family ending.

Elizabeth Olsen plays Martha, a girl that was drawn into a seemingly natural and simplistic lifestyle with a new family that will take care of her. I was stunned at the realistic nature of her performance, not once did she falter in her execution of a disturbed, abused and alone character. The film begins with the escape and into her Sister's open arms and it continues with the flashbacks of her previous life. Olsen was spot on with her descent into extreme paranoia and fear, I was worried for her character and this shows a great performance. Olsen shows tremendous potential as a great actress and I look forward to watching her career flourish throughout the years.

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