starbuckHave you ever been walking down the street and seen a family with 5-6 kids and say to yourself "Holy shit that's a lot of kids"? Imagine 533 kids. Ken Scott's Canadian comedy "Starbuck" was a hilarious film that asked that very question. I would not call this film a cultural masterpiece but I can appreciate the original story written by both Scott and Martin Petit, I have never seen a movie that leaves the lead character in this type of dilemma. As far as a directorial standpoint, Scott was very good in the execution of the comedic element; the timing was perfect and left us roaring with laughter. It is funny that when the film ended I had a slight surge of emotion, granted I cannot speak for everyone that saw the film but I do believe it touched on a definite human emotion that hit a nerve in me.

Now when I say that the lead character, David Wozniak, fathered 533 children I do not mean that there are 533 children running around like monsters throughout the film. This is not another cheaper by the dozen type movie. Thank God. There was a simple error at the local sperm bank that Wozniak frequented back in the day, under the name Starbuck, that lead to the gross amount of adult children. The lead was played by Patrick Huard, a Montreal native that has been doing everything from radio to theatre for over 15 years. I loved his performance of a failed-in-life everything, with nothing to show for his life but his debt to loan sharks. Huard was able to bring to life a character that seemed to look for the easiest way through life to a man than wants to do something right for a change. He did it with amazing charisma and one could not help but love him by the end of the film.

The film was not an off the wall comedy filled with ridiculous shenanigans at every turn, it did have some very strong emotional moments as his character slowly meets his kids one by one. If you think of all the different types of children one could have given 533 chances. There would be a diverse rainbow of individuals that you may or may not find yourself in. I give strong credit to the writing, directing, and acting of this film and could say that I am glad to have seen it and look forward to seeing it again.

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