The Artist

artistWho says that you need special effects, explosions, color, or dialogue to make a truly amazing piece of art? Michel Hazanavicius said that you do not. "The Artist" was truly one of the highlights of my experience at the Vancouver International Film Festival, and the directing of Hazanavicius was an inspiring journey that I hope will reach cinematic history. The majority of films that are created in today's world attempt to be edgier and more modern than the last, Hazanavicius decided to take a step back to the beginning of cinema and return to the roots. It is hard to believe that a black and white silent film could hold the attention of today's audiences; however, the director used the elements of music and classic comedy to advance a story. Granted the story is not an original idea but Hazanavicius was able to tell it in such a way that it kept us wanting more.

This film could not have been a success without the help of the cast. Jean Dujardin played the lustrous George Valentin as a 1927 era movie star was perfectly cast. Matched with his counterpart Berenice Bejo as the beautiful rising star Peppy Miller. The chemistry both comic and romantic between the two actors was beautifully perfect. The played off each other like two bitchy drag queens. Of course the film could not have done without the supporting roles of legendary John Goodman, Penelope Ann Miller, and James Cromwell. In all the casting was perfect, my hat goes off to you. I was curious as to Dujardin's performance prior to the film as he just won the best actor award at this year's Cannes Film Festival. How could a performance be so remarkable if the actor had no dialogue to present? Within the first half hour of the film I realized that I was a fool to have had any doubt.

The flow and timing was perfect for the comical aspect of the film, again Hazanavicius wowed us with his brilliant directing ability. It has been a long time since I have laughed that much during a movie and was thrilled to have done it. I left the theater with a smile across my face and had to call friends immediately to tell them to see it. I hope to see "The Artist" in the running for best film at this year's Oscars, you have my vote. That is if I had a vote. Cheers till next time.

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