Take This Waltz

takethiswaltzThere are the little aspects of certain director's filmmaking that I truly love and Sarah Polley possesses many of them. Polley's latest film was featured at this year's Vancouver International Film festival. "Take this Waltz" starring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan, Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman was an exceptional piece of filmmaking and writing and remind me why I love Canadian filmmakers. I have been trying to concentrate on the Canadian aspect of the festival because, after all, we are in Canada. I left the film feeling emotionally perplexed; I didn't know whether or not to feel happy, sad, depressed, with or without hope and to be honest I loved the confused emotions that arose in me.

The subtleties in Polley's film making shone through brilliantly in even the first moments of the film. The camera focusing on Williams' feet as she bakes muffins, the slight out of focus moments are all things that I love in a movie if used correctly. She never lies to her audience, she presents the story with such raw power and emotion and shows all the things that we ourselves see every day but do not always recognize as beautiful moments. The film was written by Polley as well and I must say, girl can write. The relationship that she built between Margot (Williams) and Lou (Rogan) within the script was so incredibly real that it was almost inconceivable that the marriage was not truly existent. All lovers have their own inside jokes and small moments that they share behind closed doors. Polley doesn't forget to include this in the story, this only added to the element of realism that made the film so enjoyable to watch.

The chemistry between all the actors in the film were absolutely perfect, this is of course including Sarah Silverman. We all recognize her for her comic relevance; however, the role she played was one that required more than just comic relief. The role of Lou's alcoholic sister was perfectly cast in Silverman. While she brought her own comedic element to the role of Geraldine she kept the realistic nature of an individual struggling with addiction. There was never a false moment in her performance and has increased my respect for Silverman as a very talented actress. Bravo.

This is not a typical rom com nor is it a drama, it is simply a story of life and love and how they come together at the most inconvenient times. I have been so used to films that show the happily ever after ending and sometimes I believe that to be true. I believe that the story just ends and the lovers will spend the rest of their lives as content as when they first met. From my own experience I know this is not true and I am glad to have seen this film to remind myself that I am not the only one.

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